Wren House Garden & Shop is situated on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island in the small seaside community of Sooke.

Valerie Speed
Fibre Artist

As a quilter for many years I have always been an avid recycler of fabric for my quilts. 

So it is no surprise that my somewhat new obsession of wool, be it blankets or sweaters, finds me often in the thrift shops looking for such items, once loved, and now let go, to be found and loved again. 

No surprise as well for anyone that knows me that the finding is most often quite as much fun as the creating. 

Whether it's a branch of colourful birds or a single raven stitched in black thread as if drawn, wool blankets and sweaters are redefined and hand stitched into vibrant one of a kind pillows, framed artwork or wall hangings. 

Joy and inspiration for me comes from the bird life around our property, children's books and Inuit art.

Leslie Speed

Leslie Speed grew up in the small artistic community of Nelson, BC. 
She moved to Vancouver Island in 2003 to attend the Victoria College of Art where she was introduced to lino prints and her journey as a printmaker, and love for the art began.

She now lives in Sooke with her husband, their two children, and dog Charly.

Leslie has mainly printed in black ink but over the past few years has been experimenting more with colour.

Since growing up in the countryside she is continuously inspired by the charm of rural life.

Limited editions, small prints and cards, showcase the delicate detail in each piece.

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